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"We are a debt collector attempting to collect a debt, any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

In addition to our proven collection system, Sentry Credit has a number of advantages that means you can count on us:


Management & Collection Experience

Sentry Credit is led by a dynamic and visionary Senior Management Team. This team represents the proprietary intellectual capital that Sentry Credit has accumulated over its operational history, and is reflected in our ethics, our success and our dedication to the success of our clients.

Our Recovery team is led by Collection Managers, Training Managers, Assistant Managers, and Unit Managers with years of dedicated experience. These individuals are responsible for leading, coaching and motivating our Recovery Agents to meet and exceed collection goals, while assuring legal compliance every step of the way. Balancing compliance against recovery goals while fostering a customer-service oriented approach to minimize complaints, our supervisory personnel have indeed honed their leadership skills into a fine art.

We have a collector training program which has developed over 16 years of experience including training on security issues, federal regulations, debtors psychology, skip tracing, asset location and the latest in collection technology. Our collectors use firm but diplomatic collection strategies designed to maintain goodwill and preserve the creditor's reputation. We recognize it is difficult to antagonize and persuade at the same time. We utilize 3rd party, off sire collection monitors to assure our high standards are met.


Operational Scope

Sentry Credit is licensed to collect nationwide and over all time zones. We provide primary and secondary contingency collections services, a fixed rate letter service and utilize internal and vendor provided scoring models. We report to all three credit bureaus and leverage comprehensive skip-tracing databases. We comply with all federal regulations (FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, etc.) and are members in good standing of ACA International, the association of credit and collection professionals.

Labor, time, technology and cost make it prohibitive for many companies to directly report their charged-off accounts to the bureaus. The minimum cost for companies to directly report is $50 per month per bureaus plus the cost of software (approximately $500). We can cause a negative credit report to be placed on all uncollected debt where it will remain until paid for up to seven (7) years. Negative credit reporting has been proven to increase recovery of delinquent accounts.

When your customers have skipped town, and all contact information has been exhausted, waiting and hoping they'll call is not the answer. We use account monitoring to watch your customer on the credit bureaus. Any credit move they make - we know about. With fresh new contact information in hand, our collection efforts on your behalf immediately resume.



Sentry has invested in creating a real-time, web-based infrastructure that automates the entire life cycle of a collection account. This web based system provides for online account placement, adjustment and lookups; automated handling of payment data and monthly remittances, generates placement, collections management, and stair-step history and recovery reports. Al this is securely accessible in real-time.

For its internal operations, Sentry Credit has invested in a state-of-the-art predictive dialing as well as a sophisticated call monitoring recording infrastructures. We interface with our skip tracing partners on an electronic basis. We can submit 10,000 accounts and get information back on them within 24 hours.


Real time Status Reporting & Accounting Monitoring

Sentry Credit provides you with a system to manage your accounts on-line. Submit account, create reports, change status, and even check the status of each account, 24/7. You will find this report a significant asset not only as a complete audit trail, but as a tool for analyzing your Accounts Receivables.